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Copying (Paper & Electronic)

info about Copying here

Large Format Printing

Info about large format printing here


The large laminator is capable of laminating pieces up to 40" wide, and with some clever manipulation pieces nearly twice that wide can be laminated.  The lamination is 6 mil thick.  The user can either pay for the cost of the lamination or charge it to their school account.

The small laminator is 12" wide with a regular thickness of 3 mil.

We will gladly laminate the items we print (either large format or regular color prints).  Teachers however, should do their own laminating and can not drop off materials to be laminated.


info about Binding here

Matte Cutting

info about Matte Cutting here

Shrink Wrapping

info about Shrink Wrapping here

UIMC DVD Duplication

Beginning back in the 2005-06 school year, the Washington County School District started performing it's own duplication services of licensed materials through the Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC).  This practice still continues and we are still partnered with the UIMC for physical, as well as digital content on eMedia through Pioneer Library.   Contact the District Media Center for information on these services.

Equipment Checkout

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Media Center
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